BNF API Reference


Welcome to the BNF Bot Creators API documentation page. Here you can find all information needed to access the API and start building bots for the BOTS platform!

In order to gain access to the API, you need to create a bot name and obtain a key for it. Both can be done in the BOTS app, in the 'Factory' tab. Please see the bot creator documentation how to achieve this. You can find it here.

The BNF API is a REST API that gives your bots access to the trading features of the BOTS platform. It enables you to create trading Orders, and provides you with information about them.


When developing and testing your bots, you should use:
Once your bot comes out of quarantine, and enters production, use:

OpenAPI description

The OpenAPI file can be downloaded here: OpenAPI specification.
You can use this OpenAPI specification to explore the BNF API by uploading it in the Swagger editor.

Example implementation

An example implementation can be found here: Example implementation.
This example is written in Python, and displays how the authentication mechanism works, as well as all the different endpoints.